Leviton Uttagslock 2xRJ45 Vinkl Utv 1-pack

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The Leviton 85x85mm angled outlet has been designed to be compatible with all Brand Rex “Keystone” Snap in Jacks & provide the option for both trunking & if required, surface mounting direct to the wall.

• Front faceplate with angled aperture
• Frontplate insert for 2 x Snap-In jacks
• Rear mounting plate
• 25mm surface mounted backbox
• label, clear label cover & 2 x self tapping screws
• Features and Benefits
• Surface mountable with a 25mm backbox with a multiple cable entry feature.
• 38° Angled patchcord exit.
• Suitable for ALL Leviton “Keystone” Snap In Jacks
• Label & label protection window
• RAL9010 White ABS

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